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About Exposed Pad of ADA4898-2

I need some help, I used ADA4898-2 to design High-pass filter,In my own experience, I connected Exposed PAD to GND. But I checked data sheet , It said can be connected to the negative supply (−VS) or can be left floating. So, can ADA4898-2 work normally??? my voltage supply is +15V and -15V.

  • Hi Erena,

    To achieve the specified thermal performance, the exposed paddle must be soldered to one of the printed circuit board planes. Exposed pad intends to improve thermal performance or heat dissipation of the package when mounted on a PCB. Your circuit will work just fine but, if the exposed pad is not connected, we cannot guarantee it's performance over temp.

    The exposed paddle inside the package of ADA4898-2 is electrically isolated inside the package, it can be attached to any plane but typically we connect it to the ground plane. The exposed paddle mounting must contain thermal vias within it to ensure the low thermal path to the plane.