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ADA4807 Spice Model Slew Rate Modeled Correctly?


I am using the ADA4807 model to model the ADA4807-2 in an active filter application where the output is a 10 MHz sinewave. The output has a peak voltage of 1.79 V.

Theoretical calculation shows:

Min Req Slew Rate = 2 * pi * 10 * f * Vpeak/(10^6)  V/us

Which gives minimum 112 V/us slew rate to avoid distortion for this application.

The datasheet states that the ADA4807/ADA4807-2 has a 225 V/us slew rate, but significant slew rate distortion appears in simulation:

Blue is input waveform, red is output.

Is this an error in the spice model?


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