ADCMP573 VTT pin

I'm designing a pulse detector. 

The input signal is a positive pulse signal with 4ns duration and the pulse is repeated by 40kHz.

Pin 3 (VN) is set to 200 mV so that the comparator only detects a pulse with magnitude greater than the threshold level. 

Regarding the pin 8 connection, the datasheet says (p. 9):

The RSPECL outputs of the ADCMP573 are illustrated in Figure 16 and should be terminated to V CCO − 2 V. As an alternative, Thevenin equivalent termination networks can be used in either case if the direct termination voltage is not readily available.

In my case, VCCO - 2V is not available, so I decided to use the Y-termination for the comparator output.

Also, I don't need latch mode, and about disabling it, the datasheet says (p.9):

the V TT pin should be connected externally to the PECL termination supply at V CCO – 2 V. The latch can then be disabled by connecting the LE pin to V CCO with an external 500 Ω resistor and leaving the LE pin disconnected.

My question is: what is the appropriate way to disable latch when VCCO - 2V is not available? Is it OK if I connect VTT to VCCO directly as shown below?

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