ADA4004 Distortion


I'm trying to incorporate ADA4004 in my next audio design as a low power replacement of OPA1612. Is there any data on its THD?


Bo Gao

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  • Thanks. But I need a chip that is low power and small. 3mm*3mm for a dual amp or 4mm*4mm for a quad amp. BGA/CSP is a bonus. OPA1612 is available in 3mm*3mm DFN for two channels, and ADA4004-4 is available in 4mm*4mm QFN for four channels. AD8599 is not available in small packages, and AD8597 takes the same 3mm*3mm, but only offers a single channel.

    Also, I did a SPICE simulation with LTSpice and the ADA4004 SPICE model provided by ADI, and it shows virtually no THD (<-135dB at 1kHz). Can I trust that data?

    FYI, my bench circuit is a class AB buffer stage with diode bias, directly driven by ADA4004, and the output of the buffer has a 200R load. Test waveform is 10Vpk sine wave, 1kHz, power supply is +-15V for both OPAMP and power stage.

    BTW, the ADISimPE provided by ADI is no longer working. It complains outdated version and expired license, but ADI doesn't offer 8.20 download. I can only download 8.10 version, but it doesn't work. It insists me to upgrade to the latest version which is nowhere to be found.

    Apologize for the long post.

    Bo Gao

  • Thank you very much. It seems the distortion is still a bit higher than I expected, but let's see if I can find a way to work around it.