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ADA4817-1 Power Down


My customers are considering ADA 4817-1.

So I got a question.
It is about operation in the Power Down state.

#1  Is the input pin High-Z (high impedance)?

#2  Does the current leak from the input pin?

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  • Hi Yuya,

    During power down state,

    The leakage current at the power down pin is indicated in the ADA4817-1's datasheet.
    Typically 34uA at ±5V operation.
    and typically 31uA at 5V operation.
    But if you're referring to the amplifier's input (+IN and -IN), It's always in High-Z and the Input bias current are still present and specified on the datasheet.
    Typically 75pA at ±5V operation.
    and typically 50pA at 5V operation.

    Best Regards,