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Current Sense Amp : LTC6102 & AD8219

Hi ADI Expert,

We're comparing these two current sense amp and have some questions need your help to check : 

1. Does LTC6102 include internal LDO as AD8612 shown in block diagram?

2. Is possible to have AD8219's PSRR curve from 100Hz~1 MHz '?

Thank you very much!!


  • Hello Henry, 

    1. The LTC6102 has an internally regulated supply which is used for internally biasing the device. Generally, Vreg will charge to approximately 4.5V below the supply. However, this is not intended to be used for external power.

    I am not sure which document you are referring the AD8612 from. Could you specify which figure you are talking about?

    2. I will check if this data is available. 



  • Hi Kris,

    Thanks for your reply, and sorry it should be AD8219.

    And for PSRR of LTC6102 and AD8219, will PSRR decrease with Vcc rise?

    Might you please help to check whether these data are available for customer reference? Thank you!!


  • Hi Kris,

    Might you also help to check whether below data is available? Thank you!!

    1. AD8219's PSRR cruve at Vs_5V & Vs_12V

    2.  LTC6102's PSRR curve at Vs_5V

    3. LTC6102's CMRR Curve

    4. Can we apply Vs_5V to AD8219 when for Vin_12V application?

    Thank you !!