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LT5400 Derating Curve


My customers are considering using the LT 5400.

Is there data on the Derating Curve( Ta ) of the LT 5400?

Or is there a graph of Power Dissipation vs Thermal Resistance Curve?

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It added that it is a derating curve of ambient temperature(Ta).
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  • Hi Yuya,

    Please see below for the derating curve of the LT5400.

    The customer need to sum up the power dissipated in all resistor to see how far he can go without violating the max junction temp (150°C) of the device. There are also some example and  discussion on  thermal consideration which might be helpful to the cusotmer as shown below. Also, please remind them to limit the power dissipation on each resistor to be not more than 800mW as specified on its abs max rating table.

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