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AD8606 About Amplifier and Fiter

AD8086 same as the figure,why use a 120pF capacitance and resistance in series parallel?Fiter or Offset?

and can you tell me  the reason why  not use a resistance in -INA pin?? how it going on??

add figure
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  • Hi Dangfei,

    May I know where did you get this circuit?

    Absolute maximum supply voltage of this part is 6V and therefore I recommend to limit the supply voltage to probably around 5.5V to avoid damaging this parts in case there is a transient happening on the supply lines.

    R56 is your feedback resistor (RF) and R57 is the gain resistor(RG). These two resistors dictate your gain. For inverting amplifier G = -RF/RG

    The C66 and R56 forms a lowpass filter which decreases the system gain at higher frequency due to the connections of the C66 which is parallel on the R56.

    Best regards,