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LT6230 cannot work well with a single power supply in LTspice.

Category: Hardware
Product Number: LT6230CS6
Software Version: LTspice VXII

Hi Team,

I modified the LT6230 schematic in the LTspice tool, after that this circuit cannot work well.

My modifications are below:

1)change the two power supply +/-5V to 3V;

2)set the offset of the sine signal to 1.5V;

Note: V(n002)  is the output of the OP, the another one is the sine signal.

would you please give me some hints? Thanks in advance.



  • Hi ShawnTiger,

    The LT6230 has an input range of 1.4 to 1.6V with a gain of 6 in a 3V supply, which explains why the circuit is not working after the modification. The input voltage is within the IVR based on the datasheet, however since there is a gain of 6 which would be multiplied to the input voltage then the output voltage would be beyond the 3V supply which is why the output is railing and that’s the reason why it would work on the +/- 5V. Modifying the supply or the gain could make the circuit work. 

    In order to assist you further, may I know what is more important in your application? Is it the supply or the gain?

    Regards and thanks,