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Category: Hardware
Product Number: ADCMP573



the datasheet mentions that "PECL-compatible ADCMP573, the VTT pin should be connected externally to the PECL termination supply at VCCO-2V. The latch can then be disabled by connecting the LE pin to VCCO with an external 500-ohm resistor and leaving the LE(-) pin disconnected.".

Latch inputs are internally terminated with 50-ohm resistors to Pin 8. 

So if i connect VTT = VCCO - 2 V ( Suppose VCCO = 3.3V ) then VTT = 1.3V.

The LE and LE(-) are terminated with 50 ohms to the VTT pin ( 1.3V). Then how can I connect it to VCCO with 500 ohms resistance as mentioned ? ( as this pin is already connected to 1.3V with 50 ohms) . Am I missing something?