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Seeking AD847ARZ-ND (or: chip shortages - again)

Category: Hardware
Product Number: AD847ARZ-ND
Software Version: None

Hi Everyone,

As per the title, really, we're needing to obtain approx. 300 of the AD847ARZ-ND devices, but can't find them anywhere.

Can anyone suggest what can we do? Happy to buy from ADI directly, through distribution or whatever, but no one has anything at all that I've been able to find. Alternatively, interested to hear if anyone knows of equivalent parts in the same package and footprint?

Thanks in advance and best regads,


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  • Hi Colin, 

    Can you share your application? We can search for an IC with close specs to AD847. If you can specify what specs are important for your application, it would help us pick a better suited IC alternative. Thanks!

    All the best,


  • Hi Gerdan,

    Thanks for your reply, much appreciated. Sorry for the slow response.

    Our application use is as a non inverting high gain amplifier stage as shown below:

    The main specs we need I think are;

    +/- 12V power rails

    GBP of approx 50MHz

    Slew rate of approx 200V/us

    Identical package and pin out (this part is an SOIC-8)

    Temperature etc can be commercial, no need for extended or automotive temperature ranges etc.

    Hopefully this helps, just let me know if any other info would be helpful and I'll see what I can find.

    Thanks again and best regards,


  • Hi Colin, 

    You may want to try LT1360, single channel, and LT1361, dual channel. Both are available in 8-Lead SOIC, GBP=50M, and Slew rate=800V/us. LT1363 is also worth mentioning if you want to stick with single channel for better pin to pin mapping as in your previous IC. Thanks!

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