Op Amp Error Budget Calculator

What is the equation used for the resolution error due to voltage and current noise?

  • Hi ASrinivas,

    The exact formula will be provided by the company's employees.

    But the point is that chaotic fluctuations at the output of the amplifier impose restrictions on the minimum level of useful signal that can be detected at the output of the amplifier. Since the output signal is proportional to the input signal, this principle easily extends to the minimum input signal level that can be guaranteed to be detected against the background of noise. This is the general meaning



  • Hi Kirill,

    I was trying to find out how the equations are different for the different configurations and which one would be the best for producing the least amount of noise.

    For example the noise gain in the non-inverting and inverting configuration is the same but the signal gain is different, so we could use the non-inverting opamp configuration for higher signal gain at the same noise gain.