Supro 1605R Volume?

I just got one of these amps and am trying to figure out if it is faulty. It is UNBELIEVABLY quiet. When I put both master volume and gain knob at 50%, the amp can barely be heard over the acoustic volume of my Les Paul as if it were unplugged. I have to turn both volume knobs up to 100% to get any type of volume, tone, texture that could reasonably be worth a retail price anywhere in the same galaxy as $1,000 - and even then, that one volume/texture/tone is ALL I can get. Effectively, the amp can only be used with those settings - even in an apartment. So is it just an unbelievably quiet amp that can only produce a super driven/high gain sound? I've seen videos (all professionally mic'd of course) where people get excellent clean tones - this is not remotely possible on the Supro 1605R I have. It has to be cranked to 100% to reach volume levels of a semi-loud TV, resulting in the gain being super one dimensional (even adjusting volume on guitar). It just seems like that can't be right. I've often read that 5w combos are generally too loud for apartments. There is nothing loud about this amp at all.

Can anyone advise?