Errors in documents


In the process of studying some documents, I found some errors.

AD8336 datasheet:

And here:


In my opinion, it should be the opposite.

I'm correct?



    •  Analog Employees 
    on Jan 21, 2020 8:46 AM

    Hi Kirill,

    In the AD8336 datasheet, figure 77 shows the RFB2 and RFB1's configuration for the preamplifier gain of 12dB not in 26dB gain, but the error here is that RFB1 should be connected between the INPN pin and ground similar to the one in Figure 80. Though this has been reported and will be updated on the next datasheet revision as indicated in this discussion Is this what you're checking out Kirill?

    For MT-095, are you referring to the position of the circuit with reference to the magnetic field(minimal induced noise when placed in perpendicular and maximum when placed in parallel)? This is interesting since reviewing the induced emf formula I also think it should be the opposite. But I may have to confirm how the formula for the induced noise voltage was derived for this document.

    Thanks Kirill.

    Best Regards,

  • Hi Dann,

    In the first picture, I indicated that 26 decibels is 20 times, not 200. In the second picture, of course, this is the wrong feedback loop.

    As for the latter, it is interesting that almost all the explanation of the formula is correct, except for the last two sentences. If the electric circuit is located along the magnetic field lines (parallel, as stated in the document), the magnetic field flows around this circuit without passing through it. There is no influence. Please check it out.

    Thanks Dann,