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AD810 Differential Overload

Category: Hardware
Product Number: AD8210

The AD8210 data sheet figures 10 and 11 show overload recovery transients, but there is no other information on the datasheet that describes this overload condition. At what differential input voltage does the device enter the overload state? Does the device always recover from the overload, or is there some voltage level or transient duration that would cause permanent damage? Does the recovery signature depend on the amplitude of the differential input voltage, or the duration of the transient?

My reason for asking is that I had performed some transient testing where up to 3V differential was applied to the AD8210 input (which is powered by 5V supply) for ~6us. I noticed that the AD8210 response to this input was very sluggish - the dV/dt on the output was around 200mV/usec for the rising edge. It seems like an overload response but it doesn't quite match the datasheet transient characteristic. The device seemed to work fine under nominal conditions (<250mV differential input) after the transient had passed. I plan to do some more characterization testing of this behavior, but I'm wondering if there is additional information about what I may expect to see.