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What is AD8130 Impedance for PCB layout?

Category: Datasheet/Specs
Product Number: AD8130


I am planning to use AD8130 as Receiver Amplifier in my design. What are the Input and Output impedance of AD8130. In datasheet it says 5 MΩ but I think 5 MΩ is a high value. I am drawing the layout of the PCB. Which value should I use for Impedance of the trace. Could you please help me?



PCB traces for common designs are often set to 50+-10% Ohms. (55 Ohms nominally using common pre-preg and trace widths).   Input impedances don't matter, even digital circuits have high input impedances.  Output impedances are often in the 22-33 Ohm range which work well with 50 Ohm boards.

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