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How the special PECL of ADCMP582 connect with standard PECL receiver parts?

Category: Datasheet/Specs
Product Number: ADCMP582

Hello guys, we are using ADCMP582 as the comparator function. Act as one driver, it drives OR gate part from ON-Semi (the part number is MC100EP01). But ADCMP582 introduce one special PECL definition, how can we use it to drive standard PECL?

The following gives both chips (ADCMP582&MC100EP01) SPEC:

The driver ADCMP582's output spec as below figure

The receiver MC100EP01's input spec as below figure

According to above SPECs, ADCMP582's Vol's range is from VCCO-1.5 to VCCO-1.2, which is from 1.8V to 2.1V when VCCO=3.3V. And MC100EP01's Vil's range is from 1.355V to 1.675V. So, driver's Vol range window doesn't match with receiver's Vil range window. How can we to resolve this issue?