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MAX40213, input DC current rejection with I_OFFSET pin

Category: Datasheet/Specs
Product Number: MAX40213


I realize the IC I'm asking about is not exactly a diff amplifier, but il looks like I have more chance to get answered here than in the Optical sensing section Slight smile

I'd like to use MAX40213 in my photodiode amplifier design. I will definitely need some kind of ambient light rejection added to it. The general idea is to cancel a large DC input current that limits or kills completely input dynamic range.

So my question concerns the I_offset pin of the chip. Can I use it for cancelling the DC part of the input current? The datasheet is not entirely clear for me on this topic. It only mentions output offset correction which is useless to me if the input is already saturated.

If my input signal is -100uA DC with -1uA AC pulses on top of that, will I be able to avoid saturation (and current clamping) if I inject -100uA in to I_offset ? 

Thanks in advance for any clarification about this!



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