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Differential Amplifier for 100MHz, impedance matching, bandpass filtering and driving 50R Outputs

Category: Hardware
Product Number: LTC6401, LTC6405

I need to amplify a differential signal with min. 1mVpp (max. 40mVpp), centered arround 3.2V, 75Ohms (150Ohms diff.) impedance and with 100MHz bandwidth, by at least 20dB. The output are 2 COAX cables (pos + neg) with 50Ohms each.
I found the LTC6401-20 and LTC6401-26 as well as the LTC6405.
The basic difference that I can see is that the LTC6405 wouldn't need AC coupling capacitors, but gain setting resistors and the LTC6401 would need only AC-coupling caps due to the integrated resistors.
Which would be the lower noise in this use case and which one is better suitable to implement a bandpass filter as well as the gain stage? Or are there other recommended solutions from ADI?