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ADA4945:Are there any differential amps that feature similar en and in noise performance with ADA4945?

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ADA4945

Hi! Recengly, I am looking one kind of differential amp that can replace the ADA4945. The ADA4945 have rather low voltage and current noise. Can anyone provide some sugestions on choosing the alternative of ADA4945?

  • Hi AskLearn,

    Good day!
    ADA4945 is one of our latest FDAs and there's no direct replacement of the ADA4945 in terms of performance.
    But aside from the voltage and current noise, are there other specs that are important to your application?
    If I may ask, what's the specific application you want to use an FDA. 

    Knowing this information, we'll be able to help you better. 
    Thanks AskLearn.

    Best Regards,