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AD8276 EMI-protection on the output pin

Category: Datasheet/Specs
Product Number: AD8276


I am using the AD8276 in our product as output driver with a input sense line connected to the ref pin.
As all out products need to be protected against EMI (IEC 61000-4-2) and even EFT (IEC 61000-4-4) I am not sure that my protection is enough to meet this.
For the output pin, in data sheet is only stated the current limit and overtemperature.

My supply voltage for the amplifier is +/-15V.
As my TVS-diode can let pass 20V and more when a strong current spike happens,
I should know if the OPA has internal clamp diodes on the out pin to +/-VS?
How much current is allowed to flow through these diodes at short times (?
If no diodes are present, what is the maximum overvoltage above +/-VS on output pin?
How high is the ESD protection level on output?

What I have intended is a SMA6J13CA TVS on the output line of our product and have a series resistor to the OPA output pin.
Need to know how high a value the resistor must have to be effective.
Can a AD engineer please collect Information on that?
This may be interesting to other customers too.

  • Please, could an ADI engineer have my issue investigated timely.

  • Hi Alexxx,

    Good day!
    Apologies for missing this thread. 

    With regards to your inquiry, our amplifiers are not designed to be back driven through the output pin (I would think this is your main concern).
    Since for the AD8276 there's no abs max rating on the current rating of the output.
    I would think that you shouldn't exceed the min and max output characteristic given on the spec table. 

    It gives the voltage and the current limit. but I still won't operate near this values if it's being back driven and this is not a guaranteed spec in terms of the part's survivability because as I've mentioned, the amplifiers are not designed to be back driven.

    I hope this helps Alexxx.

    Best Regards,