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Problem with ADA4927 LTSPICE model

Category: Software
Product Number: ADA4927
Software Version:

It appears that the SPICE model for the ADA4927 has a problem with the supply current on the negative supply pin.  In the screen shot below, VEE is -5V, but the voltage at the V- pin of the amplifier is -5.034..., indicating that current is flowing from the amplifier to the power supply, instead of from the supply to the amplifier.  I have attached the LTSPICE .asc file and the device files.

  • Hi,

    Nice catch there! We'll be queueing this model for fix. Does your application involve putting a resistor on the supply pin? Please be guided that this is just a model and some parameters are not modeled perfectly. For simulation purpose you may want to avoid putting a resistor at the supply pin for now to avoid messing up with the supply voltage you are working on.

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