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ADL5567 configuration

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ADL5567


I would like to use a FDA for finding the difference between 2 signals (fast pulses).

I consider using the ADL5567. I would like to have a gain of 10.

In your application note there are serial resistors to the balun. How come? This attenuates the signal, I think, and would prefer maximixing the signal-chain-gain (10x).

On the input there are resistors to ground. Are these place to avoid reflections? Can they be omitted?

regards Martin

  • Hi Martin,

    Are you referring schematics in the datasheet? it shows that we have a series 84.5ohms and a shunt 34.5ohms before connecting the Balun. These are matching registers because ADL5567 will want to have 200ohms load in the output so these matching resistors convert impedance from 200ohms to 50 differential, and then 50ohms single-end is available after the balun.

    If you refer something different one, please let me know.