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Want to use instrumentation amplifier instead of differential amplifier; but it is hard to meet instrumentation amplifier requirement

Hey everyone, 

I am kinda frustrated that I cannot meet the requirement of all the instrumentation amplifier (Analog devices product) that I have bought. 

I have two input signal: 

In+  = DC signal anywhere from 400mV to 700mV 

In- = DC signal anywhere from 100mV to 300mV

Power supply: 9V single supply 

Common Mode Voltage: I do not know. How do you determine that? 

I have used differential amplifier using LTC6800, with a gain of 6, and it works fine.

I want like to use an instrumentation amplifier instead of differential amplifier, and ask you for help. I have tried using diamond plot calculator, and I don't get it. 

Can you please recommend me an instrumentation amplifier?

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