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Why is AD8553 instrumental amplifier not working? It only outputs a 1V even after changing the input.

Hey, I am currently using AD8553 with a gain of 1 to output a single signal that represents the difference between Vin+ and Vin- but it only outputs 1V even after changing the input.

The input to AD8553 comes from LTC1968; the LTC1968 outputs max DC voltage of 0.8V. Therefore, both the input( Vin+ and Vin- ) will be less than 0.8V.

I have checked the datasheet and it does mention that for a 5V source, the input range is between 0V to 3.3V which is what I want.

AD8553 datasheet:

I have used the following configuration, and I only get 1V output even after changing the input. I am not sure what I have missed.

Please help out.

I hope to hear your inputs on this.

I will try using a different instrumentation amplifier but not sure what I have missed here as I have taken into consideration the input voltage range and the single power supply.