Balanced line driver design for output of AD1973 Codec

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I was referred to this forum from the Audio DSP forum here:

I am using the AnalogDevices AD1937 audio codecs in a large loudspeaker array design and I am using 24-bit, 48 kHz, balanced audio out of the DAC portion of the AD1937's.

The reference designs for your codecs that I have seen, and on our evaluation board, are typically for unbalanced audio outputs with OpAmps.  We need all outputs to be balanced audio outputs.  Ideally achieving +18 dBu when the signal is 0 dBFS within the codec.  i.e., trying to set the maximum output voltage to +18 dBU (~6.15 Vrms), for connection to external audio devices.

Do you have a linear filter / differential amplifier design that may help me achieve this?

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