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ADA4932-Dynamic Performance at low frequencies


I want to use ADA4932-2 as ADC driver for the ADC AD7768, but my frequency of interest is DC to 100 KHz and input power level in the range of -90 dBm to -10 dBm.

In the datasheet the dynamic performance for frequency less than 100 KHz is not mentioned.

When comparing the dynamic performance of  ADA4932-2 with the ADC (AD7768) suggested device ADA4896-2, at lower frequencies less than 100 KHz which is having the dynamic performance?

ADA4896-2 meets my requirement but I want to go with ADA4932-2 because I have already used in my previous applications and hence reducing the design and implementation time.

Is ADA4932-2 is on par with ADA4896-2 in terms of dynamic performance at frequencies less than 100 KHz ?


Sai Kiran S.