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Questions regarding AD8351: Is there a spice model?

I'm looking for a spice model fore the AD8351. I've loooked but it doesn't seem to be posted. Does any one have one?


  • Hello Jim,

    There is not a spice model for the AD8351.  Particularly within the RF group within ADI, we do not normally generate SPICE models.  TPC19 and TPC20 on the datasheet shows the input and output impedance verses frequency, if that helps you.


  • Thanks for the quick reply and the infomation. I'm using this device to drive a AD9246. I'm considering drivng two of these ADCs with one AD8351 in a time interleaved system. The system has a bandwidth of 300Mhz and a gain of 3 with the ADCs at 125 Mhz. Does it make sense to use one driver for both ADCs or a driver per ADC ?



  • Jim,

    On the ADC side, you can potentially use a dual ADC to save on space and component count instead of using the AD9246 which is only a single.  You can look at the AD9258 or the AD9268 which is the 16-bit version.  Concerning the ADC driver, is there something that caught your interest with the AD8351?  There are newer and higher performing parts that would fit your application better.  You may want to look into the AD8366, ADL5561/62/65, AD8375/76, ADL5201/02.


  • Qui,

    My design is going to be used in a space application. The AD8351 is offered in a S version from ADI  and the AD9246 is offered by Honeywell in a rad harden design.  I'm limited to what devices I can use but both of these parts satisfy my radiation requirements. I need a  250 MPS ADC with a low power consumption. With the devices identified and time interleaving, I can save half the power of other choices but will shift my problems to the matching aspect of the two ADCs. I do appreciate your suggestions and your time.


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