AD8352 output impedance ?

Hi everyone,

I am using the AD8352 differential amplifier coupled with the AD9649 ADC.

In the AD9649 datasheet rev 0. one suggested schematic appears on figure 42, page 18/32. The unipolar load of the AD8352 appears to be 200 Ohms, the differential load is therefore 400 Ohms.

Yet, in the AD8352 datasheet rev B.the (unipolar) output impedance of the amplifier is given to be 100 Ohms on page 3.

Therefore the AD9649 schematic seems not to insure impedance matching : Is it done on purpose ? On the opposite is there an error in this schematic ?

Or in other words, what is the actual AD8352 output impedance ?

Thanks to those who can help.