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Input Impedance of AD8207, purely resistive?

Hi All!

To estimate the effect of connecting an AD8207 Difference Amplifier I'd like to know its differential input impedance. The data sheet only states the resistive part of 240kOhms. I find it hard to believe the input impedance has no capacitive part to it.

Does someone have more information regarding this issue?

Greets, Moritz

  • Hello Moritz,

    You are correct to point out that there will be a reactive component associated with the input impedance. The fact that is missing on the data sheet means that it wasn't characterized. This is usually an indicator that it is not a concern for the typical applications for this amplifier, which is mostly meant to interface to low-impedance sources.

    Could you describe your application? Are there additional details that you would feel comfortable sharing so we can help you recommending a better solution?



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