AD8352 output AAF filtering


In the datasheet of AD8352, it is mentioned an Anti Aliasing Filter can be connected directly at the output of AD8352 and AD8352 maintains a 100 Ω output impedance well beyond most applications and is well-suited to drive most filter configurations with little or no degradation in distortion.

Is the output impedance 100 ohm of the AD8352 unipolar resistance or differential resistance? Can we design passive differential 5 th order Band pass filter directly at the output of the AD8352. This filter will be designed to have input impedance same as AD8352's output impedance and output impedance as 100 ohm differential. Thus Basically AD8352 is driving 100 ohm differential load. In this case what are the values of Rd and Cd for 100 ohm load.

Please find Whether the attached circuit has any issues regarding output matching?