AD8275 vs. common voltage divider for signal attenuation?

Hi guys.  This is a question from rookie-ville, so pardon me if I'm posting a seemingly obvious question.

I'm working on a circuit that will consist of multiple, identical channels, with each using the AD8250 as a front end.  Directly after the front end, I need to attenuate the signal.  Given that input buffering and level shifting are already accomplished by the 8250, how should I decide between attenuating with the AD8275 vs. a more garden variety resistor network voltage divider?

Thanks in advance for sharing some wisdom.  Have a great day.


  • Harry--

    Thanks so much for your reply.  I've read over your suggestions, and the case study you referenced, and tried to let it all blend into my (evolving) picture of the entire circuit in question.  I think the bottom line is I will certainly not be designing my own front end from scratch this time (oh but next time!), and if the 8250 gives a more guaranteed result for now (and I do need a result here), then it's worth it, even if a little bit overkill in some ways.

    I'll stew on it for the next couple of weeks, and probably pop up else where in the forums with other questions as they arise.

    Thanks again for the good advice.  Have a great day.