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I have some unclear questions needed to clarify with you.

  1. 1)      Do you have any application note for using current sense amplifiers, what are the errors that needs to be factored in, etc.
  2. 2)      Any spice simulation tools recommend for AD8215?
  3. 3)      What’s the suggested resistance values need for R1 and R (VCM is 10-16V)as below? Would these two resistor affected the output or the gain values?

In the datasheet, the input bias current with respect to differential input voltage  for VCM = 0 and VCM=5V as shown below, Pic 1 and Pic 2. Figure 11 shows another input bias current specification with respect to input common mode voltage. How should I use all these data ? If my Vcm is > 10V, what is the “input bias current” for specified differential input voltage? And what will the variation for the worst case analysis?

Attached below is the internal circuit of AD8215, Pic1 and Pic2. Thanks.

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