maximum load with AD8331


Which is the maximum load we can connect to the VOH and VOL outputs ?

Either I connect the outputs to a PB filter (R=39,2 Ohms C=1 nF) or I connect them directly to a cable (length=1.7m)

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  • Hi Maxime,

    Thank you for using ADI product! Just few questions to verify your application.

    1. Is it capacitive load you are going to connect on VOH and VOL pins?

    2. What cable are you going to use?

    3. You said you will use Band pass filter on the output of AD8331? May I know what are these frequencies?

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  • Hi Maxime,

    The AD8331 is specified to work at Rload  > 500 ohms. It  has a short-circuit current output of 45 mA, if you go lower than 500 ohms; like 10 ohms for example you will expect distortion on the output.

    Also if you are going to use 1.7m cable, an output network of resistors and/or ferrite beads can be used to ensure stability for long circuit connections on other board. You can refer to Applications Information of the datasheet.

    I hope this helps.



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