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AD8475  EPAD has to be solderd to GND or V- ?

Hi all,

Can anyone confirm if Exposed Pad on AD8475 in LFCSP has to be connected to GND or V-  when using +/-5V split power supply?

Datasheet in table 4, page6 tells it has to be connected to GND.   But it looks very suspicious. Normally PAD is connected to silicon die and therefore has to be on the negative potential (V-).

Demo board uses MSOP package - so can not verify it this way.

I'm about to submit PCB for production and it will be no way to short/cut fix it if done wrong.

Anybody used AD8475 in LFCSP with spit supply?

  • Hello kearton,

    The AD8475 is fabricated on a dielectrically-isolated process node, therefore there is no electrical connection to the EPAD. You may connect it to any convenient plane in your circuit. Ground is recommended because it typically has the highest thermal mass.

    Best regards,