ADA4960 DC single input to DC differential output


I use ADA4960 like buffer from SE input to DE output. 

1) Do i can use it  as dc single input to dc diff out converter?

2) Do i can split power supply to +/- 2.5 V?

3) What max BW at gain 2x for single input and load 100 omh(diff)? Is BW depends from single or diff input and output load?

4) What recommendations for reduce oscillation?  But safe BW.

Thank You

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  • Hi.

    Apologies for the very late reply.

    1. Yes, ADA4960 can be used as DC single input to differential output as long as the input source you will use is within the 2.25V-2.75V Input common mode range.

    2. No. ADA4960 was designed for a single supply of 5V.

    3. Bw depends on the load and gain. For a gain=2 (Av=6dB), refer to the blue plot on Figure 5 of the datasheet.

    4. To reduce oscillation, use appropriate values of capacitors.

    To help you better, can you supply the following:

    1. In what application will you use the ADA4960?

    2. What frequency are you interested in?

    3. Can you share your schematic?



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