ADL5565 IQ inputs to IQ+- outputs

Dear Analog Engineer,

We are currently working on a wireless communication project, interested in the differential amplifier ADL5565 and the evaluation board for it, ADL5565-EVALZ.

Our purpose is to generate four differential IQ outputs, I+, I-, Q+, Q-. We have two identical RF interfaces, say RFA and RFB. Each of them can send out single-ended IQ signals. The confusing thing is whether (1) we need RFA to transmit I signals and RFB to transmit Q signals, then use two ADL5565-EVALZs for each to create four differential IQ signals, or (2) we could simply use RFA only (deactivate RFB) to transmit a single-ended IQ signal and use ADL5565-EVALZ and/or other components to create four differential IQ signals.

We guess that no matter either way above does work, we need to customize the input and outputs on the board ADL5565-EVALZ, so that it can support 1 input to 2 or 4 outputs. Are we right? Then how to include this kind of information to make a quote like that?