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instrument Amplifier with AD8129


I want to amplify a signal within 0-50mVp-p and with the frequency range between 10KHz to 15MHz (or 10MHz).

first I have used two unity buffer to measure the signal (is similar to instrument Amp)

But when I simulated the circuit, AD8129 doesn't have a linear gain in the band of 10KHz to 10MHz. you can see the gain=Vout/Vin is not linear in the below pic:

so I decided to compensate the RF and RG (I mean feedback resistors) of AD8129 with some capacitors to have a linear gain like this article:

Adjustable Cable Equalizer Combines Wideband Differential Receiver with Analog Switches | Analog Devices 

can you help me to design to have a maximum gain linearity with AD8129? (it's very important to me bcoz I have a medical application)

it's my email:


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