Where should the -Vs pin of AD8475 be connected to?

Hi, in the datasheet of AD8475, it says that the voltage supply can be +-5V and +VS can be connected to 5V while -Vs can be connected to -5V or AGND. However, during simulation, it reports an error of singular matrix when connect -VS to -5V. Moreover, in CN-0385, CN-0345, CN-0269, all reference designs connect -Vs to AGND instead of -5V. So,

1, Is there any problem in connecting -Vs of AD8475 to -5V ?

2, I want to use ad8475 to drive AD4003, is it safe to use only 5VA and connect -VS to AGND without sacrificing any performances (i.e., CMR, THD, etc.)



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