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Active differential filter for ADC AD9467

Hello technical support!

I want to make low-pass filter with the following parameters:

Gain: 0 dB

Passband: -3dB at 30MHz

Stopband: -45dB at 170MHz

With the help of the program Analog Filter Wizard I have received the Low-Pass Filter , 4th order Bessel.

The electrical circuit Bessels’ filter consist of two stage with single-ended amplifiers.

Is it possible to replace the single-ended amplifiers on the differential amplifiers at this filters’ circuit?

Or may be you advise me How to make redesign this filters’ circuit for Active differential filter in the Analog Filter Wizard?

I plan to use this active differential filter for ADC AD9467.

In the datasheet of AD9467 is written that that the differential drivers ADL5562 or ADL5201 can be used with AD9467 together.

Can I use ADL5562 or ADL5201 for active differential filter?