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Opamp loop stabilty analysis


Hi attached here is an electronic DC load circuit. I want to do a loop stability analysis for this circuit. I mean I want to know Phase margin and Gain margin for the feedback loop.

How to do this analysis? I know that I should perform AC analysis but I don't know where should I inject or add the AC signal in the loop. Should I add AC signal at A, B, or C. Also should I ground the opamp inputs? and across what points should I see the output ie bode plot for gain and phase margin?

Please help me with this



  • Hi Santosh,

    So, if I understand you correctly, you want to analyze the stability of this system. I'll give you a few thoughts.

    In General, it does not matter at which point in the loop to insert the signal source. But in your case, it doesn't make sense to add AC voltage source to point B, because the useful signal in this section of the circuit is the current and not the voltage.

    If you add a voltage source to the loop, ground the non-inverting input U1. You can also send a test signal to this input instead of inside the loop as an alternative. It doesn't matter for analysis.

    I think that it is most convenient to watch the results at the output of U1.

    Do you have any more questions?



  • Hi KirV

    thanks for the reply. Yes, I want to analyze the stability of the system.

    As you mentioned I have added an AC voltage source at point C and grounded U1 non-inverting terminal and probing at U1 output for bode plot phase margin and gain margin. The bode plot does not look correct to me i.e. there is no 0dB in the graph I mean the gain plot is way below the zero dB so how to analyze this graph then? I need to figure out what is phase margin wrt to 0dB gain. Please suggest



  • Hi Santosh,

    In my opinion, there is nothing strange here and the result is quite correct. I will repeat your diagram on my computer and experiment with it to better explain it to you. I will get back to you soon



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