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Out of band blocker rejection requirement.


I need to understand how Zero-IF receiver architecture blocker signals are taken care. For example :

According to 3GPP at 60MHz offset from operating frequency edge there is blocker power level of CW -15dBm and consider a quadrature demodulator or transceiver whose max input power is -10dBm.

RF front end gain = 35dB.

 So blocker signal power = -15dBm + 35 = +20dBm.

If external Band pass filter provides the rejection of 10dBc at the offset 60MHz, the blocker power level = +10dBm.

If this blocker signal passes through quadrature demodulator or transceiver :

1.Does this blocker signal saturate my ADC or is there a technique/method involved to resilient the blocker signal.

2. OR blocker frequency should be eliminated or rejected via external band pass filter. 

I need to know is it possible blocker signals are rejected or eliminated in the quadrature demodulator or transceiver so that external band pass filter can be relaxed.