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LT1679 part alternative

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Product Number: LT1679


We heavily rely on the LT1679-based amplifier chip in our design board. Due to a shortage in stock, we would like to find an alternative with the same features as possible to the LT1679 without sacrificing the size (8 x 5) mm or less.

All help is appreciated for the recommended alternative part to LT1679.

  • We have many quad opamps in that package.  What features of the LT1679 do you not need?

    For example, LT6012 has higher voltage noise (but lower current noise), and no rail to rail on the input.

    LT1724 is similar, but way higher bandwidth and no R2R input.  Also 12V abs max supply.

    LT6204 has R2R in and out, and low noise but worse 1/f noise and 12V abs max.

    And there are many others:|14-Lead%20SOIC%20(Narrow%200.15%20Inch)