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LTC6253 product inquiry

Category: Datasheet/Specs
Product Number: LTC6253HMS8#3JRPBF

Good Day!

We currently have the part number LTC6253HMS8#3JRPBF and would like to know about the specifications of this particular part number but unfortunately, ADI only has information of 2 available PN variants (LTC6253HMS8#PBF and LTC6253HMS8#TRPBF). I only found the PN with 3J in a list from PCN 22_0050 dated April 18, 2022 but I can't find a documentation to differentiate the part with 3J to the parts currently offered (orderable parts). I would appreciate some technical assistance with regards to this. Thank you.



Parents Reply
  • Hello, the part number LTC6253HMS8#3JRPBF is an automotive special part which includes additional quality controls such as optical inspection, production equipment checks, additional temperature passes. Aside from the additional quality controls, it is similar to the 2 available PN variants (LTC6253HMS8#PBF and TC6253HMS8#TRPBF) in terms of performance.