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Handling High Voltage RF Swing before buffering to ADC AD9684


I am a beginner in RF analog circuitry

i have an optical fiber sensing application where the return optical signal is demodulated via optical demodulator and pushed out via RF output from a balanced hybrid reciever as discussed in 

Product Datasheets 2/3/2007 (

Now my issue, i wish to use a ADC AD9684 for signal digital conversion

The RF voltage output in fact swings between +3v to -3v for high impedance loads and +1.8v to -1.8v for 50 ohm , what does this mean ?

how to handle this output voltage safely and carry it to an ADC ?

kindly suggest me an single ended to differential driver opamp that can be interfaced to the ADC directly
provided which can handle this input voltage up to a frequency of 100MHz input

formating issue
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Apologies for the late reply.

The ADL5565 is the recommended amplifier driver for AD9684 capable of single ended input to differential output.