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Questions about distortion parameters

Hi experts,

I'm interested in ADA4940. My interested frequency range is DC~5kHz, and my ADC is LTC2500 with typical INL=0.5ppm and THD=-120dB in 2kHz. I've learned that the INL and THD are convertible in low frequency. The final target of my whole design is the INL<1ppm.

Since ADA4940 is the ADC driver, I don't expect it to lower the ADC's performance. (Clearly that ADA4925 & LTC6363 is better but out of stock for now)

I've got "2nd and 3rd harmonic distortion" parameters about -125dBc in 10kHz, but I don't know how to convert them into THD to evaluate their impacts.
(I know there is the -122dB THD in 50kHz on the datasheet's first page, but some other amplifiers don't show this parameter, so this question is not for this specific device only.)

Can you suggest some reference materials or tutorials? Or showing me your estimate process will be helpful.

Thank you very much!

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