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ADAQ8088 single ended input

I want to use ADAQ8088 as single-ended input.

However, the datasheet does not show the resistance values for the input and feedback resistor of the internal LNA.

Is it right to put 61.9ohm between VINAP and GND and 28ohm between VINAN and GND as in the example in application note AN-1026?

  • Hi  ,

    The ADAQ8088 has a different input and feedback resistor internally compared to the AN-1026 example, those values will be changed. You may use 56.2ohm for the VINAP and GND, while 26.7ohm for the VINAN and GND with the assumption that there's a 50ohm source impedance. Note: All these resistor values are referred to a 1% tolerance. Expect that the overall system gain will reduced by ~6dB from 30dB (default) since it is driven single-endedly due to the added resistor. For better performance, it is highly suggested to drive the part differentially and if you only have a single-ended source then you just can add a transformer to convert it differentially. Hope this helps.

    Btw, May I know what application you're going to use the ADAQ8088?

    Anyway, have fun with our ADAQ8088 and hoping that you'll have a great result in your eval.Slight smile

    Thanks and best regards,