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Using LTC1968 Evaluation Board, and wanted to know if I can connect the output directly to microcontroller?

I ordered DC427B Eval Board which uses LTC1968. I wanted to know If I can connect the output from LTC1968 directly to a Analog Pin of microcontroller. The output current of LTC1968 is 10mA; I was able to measure the voltage directly from the output using microcontroller but I wanted to make sure that I am not creating any sort of stress on the LTC1968.

I tried using a voltage follower between the output and the microcontroller, and the signal wasn't looking good. 


LTC1968 datasheet:

In addition, can you recommend another sine wave RMS to DC converter that works for a 200kHz sine wave signal. I have chosen LTC1968 but if there is another one with better performance, I would like to test it.

I hope to hear your response.