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Maximum Input Current for ADA4350?

What might be the maximum current that ADA4350 can successfully convert into voltage?

Theoretically, this might be a large number dependent on the feedback resistor, but what internal-design factor might limit this input current?



  • Hi,

    I would agree with you that feedback R has a role that will affect the input current and output voltage.
    In general, you would set the feedback R such that the maximum attainable output voltage corresponds to the maximum input current allowing the use of full output swing.
    Moreover, the use of too small feedback R has an effect on peaking or instability while the use of too large feedback R has an effect to your signal bandwidth.
    These are all discussed on page 32 to page 36 of the data sheet, Transimpdance Amplifier Design Theory.

    Having this effects in relation to feedback R, I can see relevant factor of amplifier parameter which is the maximum output voltage swing and the input capacitances (common mode and differential).

    Thanks and regards!