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AD7768 input driver

Hey everyone.

I have an input signal spanning the 0 to 4V range.

I want to drive the AD7768 over its full input range, which would most likely mean driving the positive input (AINx+) of the ad7768 between 0 to 4 when the input voltage is 2 to 4V with AINx- at 0V. Then when the input voltage is between 0 to 2V. the AINx+ input should be at 0 while the AINx- input is driven between 0 to 4V.

I'm not sure how to accomplish this using the recommended input drivers, however this should be possible as this is how the AD7768 front end works? I'm open to any recommendations on driving this ADC correctly over it's full input range

Thanks in advance!

I think I've found the right forum now
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